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Inspiration comes to me on a couple of levels. First, the relationship between the elements that live in our natural world: trees, rivers, plant life and the animals that dwell amongst them provide great insight into how I can get a variety of line, shape, color, texture and pattern to peacefully coexist on a piece of paper. Second, the tools I use to make the marks and designs I use in my collage bring their own kind of stimulation. Older brushes and paints create contrasting movement to those made by newer ones. A stroke of acrylic will respond to watercolor paper differently than to velum.


school time sketching || Rachel Loewens


While I dabble in many media forms, I find myself usually returning to pen and ink on watercolor paper. Acrylic painting, collage with hand-printed papers, acrylic skins, and cyanotypes also pop into my practice on a frequent basis. I love how I can get these different processes to work to tell a story.


Family and Home

It is very rare for me to have time in my studio completely alone. One of my three kiddos is usually wanting to "help" me with whatever I'm working on, or he/she is trying to kick me out so they can make their own masterpieces!

My husband and I got married back in 2009 and are still so happy that we did! Our latest collaborative adventure together is a cycling vlog aptly named The Loewn Rangers (yes, there are three of us).

Studio takeover || Rachel Loewens Fine Art
Date night || Rachel Loewens