30 days, 30 pieces of art

We survived our first week of school, and I forgot just how much I love our fall routine. Drop off, errands, and the afternoon to spend working on projects before pick up or lesson time, symposium with all the kids, lunch and the conclusion of lessons before nap/ dinner prep time. Dividing our time between at home lesson days and at school lesson days keeps things from feeling monotonous. 

30 days, 30 days of art || Rachel Loewens || Fine Art || Omaha, NE

Now that we are getting back into our groove, I've been itching for a bit of accountability with my studio time. Another mom at my daughter's school is doing a #100childhoodstoriesproject on Instagram (go check out Oana Befort's AMAZING work) which got me thinking about trying to do a smaller daily challenge to reestablish my art practice. That's when I heard about the #PCJ30in30 challenge Amira Rahim is hosting during the month of September. Thirty days sounds just about right!

I am really good at coming up with grand plans for things but often get stuck in the first few days of a new venture. Making a mini "look book" of colors, marks, and shape inspiration to get things going often helps me start a new collection so I'm going to try the same with this challenge. 

30 days, 30 days of art || Rachel Loewens || Fine Art || Omaha, NE


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Cyanotype supplies: hand-prepped vs. store made

As much as I love using the ready to use cyanotype papers found at Dick Blick, I've been itching to mix my own chemicals so that I can print on watercolor paper. 

cyanotype || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

Above: store bought paper

Right: hand mixed chemicals on watercolor paper

cyanotype exposing || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

As it usually goes the first time you try something new, I had a few bumps along the way but I've had a bit of success as well. One of my favorites is this hydrangea print below. 

Hydrangea cyanotype || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

I've also been collaging and painting with some of my other pieces and loving them, too!

Rachel Loewens || Fine Art

This time of figuring out how to best use my supplies is often the most frustrating but also rewarding part of my creative practice!


My winter garden

This time of year where the last days of cold wet weather have a firm hold on the forecast, it can be hard to appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Cyanotype in progress || Rachel Loewens
|| The poetry of earth is never dead. || John Keats

I think one of the reasons I am falling in love with the cyanotype printing process is because one can take the remnants of last year's garden and make some truly beautiful abstract artwork. 

Winter Garden 2 || cyanotype || Rachel Loewens
Winter Garden 1 || cyanotype || Rachel Loewens

|| 5x7 digital prints are available for instant download of above images here ||

Field-dried hydrangea blooms from my mother's garden, viny weeds formed into twists and knots, sun sensitive paper, and a light sprinkling of epsom salt; these are my mark making tools while I wait for warm weather to become the norm again.