New collection on sale next week: Winter Garden, part I

There is just something just so satisfying in completing a project or for an artist, a collection.

Winter Garden no. II   || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

Next Friday, I will have a total of five new original works for sale in my shop. You've seen a glimpse into these works before on my blog, and soon you will have the option of hanging them on the wall in your home of office!



Each piece comes mounted on acid free, 100% cotton, 140 lb., cold press watercolor paper. Measuring at 8x10", they are ready to be hung in standard size frames. 



You may have noticed that this is for "Part I" of my collection. I have several other pieces that will be offered later in the month in case you aren't able to snag any of these in time!


There is a small chance that I will be able to get the whole collection listed but in order for that to happen, little fairies would need to clean my house... and do lessons with my daughter... and pull weeds in my garden sooooo I wouldn't bank on that happening! ;-)