Cyanotype supplies: hand-prepped vs. store made

As much as I love using the ready to use cyanotype papers found at Dick Blick, I've been itching to mix my own chemicals so that I can print on watercolor paper. 

cyanotype || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

Above: store bought paper

Right: hand mixed chemicals on watercolor paper

cyanotype exposing || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

As it usually goes the first time you try something new, I had a few bumps along the way but I've had a bit of success as well. One of my favorites is this hydrangea print below. 

Hydrangea cyanotype || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

I've also been collaging and painting with some of my other pieces and loving them, too!

Rachel Loewens || Fine Art

This time of figuring out how to best use my supplies is often the most frustrating but also rewarding part of my creative practice!