First lessons from my residency: choosing what I value

Sunday night we celebrated my oldest turning 6 at my mom's house. It was a lovely night full of good conversations, yummy food, and laughter. 

Dried hydrangea flower || Cyanotype in progress || Rachel Loewens

My mom's hydrangea bush had a few blooms leftover from last year so I snatched them up to do some sun printing. 

Outdoor studio || Omaha, NE || Rachel Loewens

While Omaha's forecast predicted 15 straight days of clouds and rain, we had plenty moments of sunshine for me to work in my "outdoor studio". 

Days later I set about mounting some of these prints because I hope to sell them as a means to fund my residency. The kids were all occupied and my supplies were at hand so I set forth to make a quick job of it. Of course, disaster quickly ensued.  Little ones offered to "help" me, I politely declined and in my haste to be as efficient as possible I ruined a print (my mom's favorite one, of course!). 

Mounting fail || Rachel Loewens

Of course I was immediately frustrated with what I did, but more so that I wasn't valuing my children's involvement with my work. Then I realized that I wasn't actually valuing my work either since I was in such a hurry to get it done. 

Studio mate || Rachel Loewens

A minute to slow down my breathing, a prayer asking for wisdom and grace, and we moved on to have a better day.  My daughter made flowers with her glue gun, and I returned to mounting the rest of my prints. 


I have two 5x7" cyanotype prints available for instant digital down load here! Only $10 each! (they even will fit into standard frame)