Making acrylic skins before the snow flies

The upcoming forecast for Omaha, Nebraska, is well, rather bleak. Ice, snow, ice, ice, and more ice. Thankfully, we've had a couple days of sunshine to top us off while we wait for the storm to hit. The addition of a space heater to my normally drafty studio has also  helped provide some much-needed relief from the cold.

#deskie || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

See! Doesn't the sunlight just look so warm and delightful!!  I've started making acrylic skins again after many months off. As I think back, I don't think I've made any since I started homeschooling my oldest this past autumn. 

acrylic skin || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

I'm using both my Gelli Plate (above) and some small acetate sheets (below) as a substrate. I'm hoping that I haven't lost my "touch" when it comes to peeling them off. 

Acrylic skins || Rachel Loewens

I'm hoping to have them cured by early next week so come back then or check out my Instagram feed (@RachelLoewens) for updates!!

Would love to hear if you have any creative plans for the upcoming week!!