Studio spring cleaning means more art for you!

Spring means the start of my semi-annual go through the entire house and get rid of anything that doesn't work/fit/bring joy (yes, I love the Konmari method!)

Studio spring cleaning || Rachel Loewens Fine Art


In the midst of my sorting, I found several pieces of artwork that I meant to put in my shop but never did or art that has been for sale before but never sold. These works are from my #100daysofcollage collection that I made last year or from a small series of more minimalist collages that I made a few months back. 

I'm rather attached to a few pieces so I think I might add some of them to my digital downloads collection so I don't feel like I have to totally say goodbye to them yet. 


All the rest are being mounted on 8x10" watercolor paper so you can hang them in standard-size frames. Stop by on Friday morning and treat yourself to a new piece of artwork!