My new neighbor

As we are midway through my first spring break as a co-teaching parent (homeschooling part time), I find myself feeling rather disappointed.  Crummy weather and an elbow injury have kept us inside and me unable to get anything done (typing this post is quite painful). 

It seems almost as if some stranger knew that I needed cheering up because all of a sudden one morning this little guy appeared outside my living room window. 


As you can imagine, his residence on the block has sparked a lot of interests; text messages between neighbors, double takes from passersby and even a car backing up down the street to make sure they really saw what they think they saw. I wish I had set up a camera to document all the reactions he has brought about.

My kids have named him Pandy as all our stuffed animals are named basically after their species. We are so thankful to the person who placed him there and hope his duration on our block is a long one!!