My winter garden

This time of year where the last days of cold wet weather have a firm hold on the forecast, it can be hard to appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Cyanotype in progress || Rachel Loewens
|| The poetry of earth is never dead. || John Keats

I think one of the reasons I am falling in love with the cyanotype printing process is because one can take the remnants of last year's garden and make some truly beautiful abstract artwork. 

Winter Garden 2 || cyanotype || Rachel Loewens
Winter Garden 1 || cyanotype || Rachel Loewens

|| 5x7 digital prints are available for instant download of above images here ||

Field-dried hydrangea blooms from my mother's garden, viny weeds formed into twists and knots, sun sensitive paper, and a light sprinkling of epsom salt; these are my mark making tools while I wait for warm weather to become the norm again.