Printing at the Platte

This Saturday my husband will be racing his mountain bike (weather permitting) at Platte Rive State Park so we've spent a couple Saturdays out there for him to get laps in while I hike and practice cyanotype making. Along with collecting my usual style of treasures like weeds, old seed pods, and dead vines, I found quite a few bones to add to my menagerie. 


In years past, I've had to share this little outcropping on the river bank with teenagers fishing for whatever dwells in these shallow waters, but this time I had the place to myself!


The nice thing about making multiple trips to the same location meant I could experiment with how much water I really needed to carry for rinsing the prints, the best locations for letting my prints expose, and having a better grasp of mixing my own chemistry.


Here are some examples of the art I made. The piece on the left was from my first trip when my papers were over-saturated with chemicals. I took some of the vines from my garden to print with acrylic paint on top of the cyanotype. I'm calling this collection, "Bad Chemistry". ;-)

The one of the left was from this weekend where my skills had definitely improved!!


Even though the one on the left (and all the other prints from that batch) didn't turn out like I planned, I am loving how they look with the abstract printing on top!