acrylic skin

Making acrylic skins before the snow flies

The upcoming forecast for Omaha, Nebraska, is well, rather bleak. Ice, snow, ice, ice, and more ice. Thankfully, we've had a couple days of sunshine to top us off while we wait for the storm to hit. The addition of a space heater to my normally drafty studio has also  helped provide some much-needed relief from the cold.

#deskie || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

See! Doesn't the sunlight just look so warm and delightful!!  I've started making acrylic skins again after many months off. As I think back, I don't think I've made any since I started homeschooling my oldest this past autumn. 

acrylic skin || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

I'm using both my Gelli Plate (above) and some small acetate sheets (below) as a substrate. I'm hoping that I haven't lost my "touch" when it comes to peeling them off. 

Acrylic skins || Rachel Loewens

I'm hoping to have them cured by early next week so come back then or check out my Instagram feed (@RachelLoewens) for updates!!

Would love to hear if you have any creative plans for the upcoming week!!

Acrylic skin experiment

This week I tried to upscale the size of my acrylic skins to 16" x 16". I've never made one larger than 8" x 10" so I was a little nervous that it might not work out.


Turns out, I was right to be a little concerned!


Most of the skin came off the acetate sheet just fine, but there were a few spots that got stuck and ripped a bit.


I really want to try this again soon and not lose momentum, but it is hard when such experiments are so costly in both time and art supplies. #frugalartistproblems :-)

Trying something new: stencil design

I finally got my Silhouette Cameo machine up and running again and was really excited to use it to make my own mark-making tools and stencils.  Simultaneously, I was reminiscing about my family's summer vacation to New Mexico and all the memories we made while hiking in the mountains. 

Santa Fe National park

(I know everyone says this, but these pictures just don't do it justice)

Hiking in Santa Fe National Park.

Trying to figure out how to convey mountains in a geometric way without being too southwesty (even though we were in the southwest) with my limited computer designing skills took quite a bit of time, but I eventually came up with something I liked!

Stencil make with my Silhouette Cameo.

To get the most mileage out of my time spent in design mode, I cut out stencils in several sizes which also means that I will be able to create multiple layers of pattern. 

Acrylic skin in process.

Here my lovely assistant is holding up an acrylic skin I started using these stencils. I've never made a skin this large so fingers crossed it turns out!!