Back to school and back to normal life

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Back to school, back to normal || blog post || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

This was a stand out summer in the Loewens Family in both good and hard things. My arthritis wasn’t much of a factor for any of our activities, and my kids had tons of fun at swim lessons. I took on a major freelance project that ate up most of my creative time and proved to be very taxing emotionally and spiritually. The scope of the project meant that I knew it would be very hard going into it but knowing something will probably true and living it can be very different things. I’ve got at least 5 more months of work still left to do, but it will not be as high up on my priority list now that we are starting lessons up again. 

I am so looking forward to getting back to our normal rhythms of life!! These past two weeks have been filled with teacher training (we homeschool part time), reading some great books that have helped me focus again on what I want our lives to look like, and hours in the studio making collages and prints. I’m also stocking up on essential oils to help combat all the germs we will again be exposed at school. Ah, life of a mom!

Back to school, back to normal || blog post || Rachel Loewens Fine Art
Back to school, back to normal || blog post || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

Monday we are heading out to Broken Bow for one last adventure before the first day of school. Nebraska is fortunate to be right along the path of the solar eclipse so we are making a day trip for the event. Fingers crossed that the clouds stay away!


Sickness and slowing down

Sickness and slowing down || Rachel Loewens Fine Art


I've never had one of my kids fall asleep on me before this week, and now it has happened twice!

Cold and flu season has hit us hard, but we are hoping that we are through the worst of it. 


If all these sort of disruptions had happened to me last year, I would have been in a sorry state. Frustrated, anxious, and angry that I could not get everything done in a day that I had planned.

Thankfully, a few mom's recommended  this lovely book Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's guide to Unshakeable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie (link to Amazon on left). One of my favorite lines from the book goes, "Rest begins with acceptance, or perhaps more accurately, with surrender." (p.2)


I have found this statement to be so true!!! Instead of all those negative thoughts floating around in my head while my daughter napped on me, I was able to enjoy all the extra snuggles!!

#deskie || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

And all was not lost, as I was able to start on a new series of collages! I've been using some more muted cool tones as fits the chilly weather we have going on here in Nebraska. 

What are some books that have really left a lasting impression with you!! Please leave your suggestions in the comments!


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