Painting practice: Happy trees

After a much longer than intended break from working in my studio, returning to my art practice was so therapeutic!! 

Happy trees by Rachel Loewens

While away, I worked on lots of Christmas knitting projects with "Chill with Bob Ross" on in the background. His love of all things nature (even the frigid-looking winter scenes) helped improve my attitude towards the freezing cold weather we've had here in Nebraska. 

Happy trees by Rachel Loewes

Confession time: I can't remember the last time I painted or drew an evergreen tree. I want to say that I've never done it, but that seems a bit unlikely. This meant lots and lots of practice tree on plain typing paper before attempting one on the nice mixed media paper that I've been using lately. 

Happy Christmas Tree by Rachel Loewens

Here's the clip I watched while practicing!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas surrounded by loved ones this week! I hope to do a "Christmas Knitting recap" once all the gifts have been given/received!