Old year's resolution

So I know a lot of people are planning their New Year's resolutions for 2017, but I seem to be returning to one from several years back. I think it was in 2015 that I declared "The Year of Stash Busting". For you non-knitters "stash busting" means using up the yarn in your stash before buying any more (pretty self explanatory, I know). I had received gift cards to Webs that year and decided not to purchase any more yarn until I used up all of it plus at least half of what I already owned (which wasn't that much). 

insert dramatic music. ex: "Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnn!"

Yup. My arthritis started acting up and I didn't get to knit much that year at all. *sad face*


Thankfully, even after a bunch of Christmas knitting, my hands seem to be doing ok this time around. I just used up my gift cards to Miss Babs and am hoping to get the following things accomplished before my new yarn arrives:


Are there any resolutions that you keep returning to year after year?


Update: my new yarn arrived early so I haven't reached my two goals yet! Since I need to soak the dyed yarn first to make sure it is colorfast, I should be able to keep my motivation up for getting the other two projects COMPLETELY finished first (blocking included!) Happy resolution keeping!

Yowza in Believable Colorway || Miss Babs yarn
Soaking Yowza in Believable Colorway || Miss Babs yarn

Weekend work in progress

The past two weeks have allotted me so much time in my studio! I know it will be much more difficult for me to have that once school starts up this week so I'm really celebrating the time I did have.

Rachel Loewens || Fine Art

I've been trying to capture impressions of memories I have for each season of the year. This has really helped me appreciate all the color we still have outside during the bleaker months of the year!

Rachel Loewens || Fine Art

I'm not real bit on making resolutions, but I would love to use this pieces to make a calendar for 2018. What are some of your creative goals for the New Year?