Schole: a night of learning copperplate calligraphy + a peek in my sketchbook

Several times throughout the year, my daughter's school hosts a Scholé Night (for more on scholé read this), and this quarter we got a chance to learn pointed pen calligraphy, specifically copperplate, from Cheryl Dyer and Laura Capp of the Letter Arts Alliance of Nebraska


It was a great evening spent learning a bit of the history of writing by hand, and of trying out the copperplate script for ourselves. I think my drawing background helped give me confidence in holding an oblique pen, and not to feel shy in trying out a new skill in front of others.  

Of course I had to try out this new pen in my sketchbook, and loved how much easier it was to create a variety of line weights in a short amount of time. 

Abstract mountainscape || in my sketchbook || Rachel Loewens

For those of you who have never used this sort of pen, the nib actually splits as you apply pressure which creates a thicker line. When I draw with my trusted Lamy Safari pen, I have to go back and thicken lines to create depth afterwards. 

abstract landscape || in my sketchbook || Rachel Loewens

The only downside to this type of pen is that you have to dip it in an ink well to refill which makes it slightly less portable and significantly more likely to make a mess!!

Do any of you use calligraphy pens in your sketchbook? I would love pen and nib suggestions!