Weaving in as you go along

I am not much of a detail person. Thankfully, I married someone who is. His ability to complete one project before starting another one, to see the value in doing the small things well, and his steady mannerisms are quite the foil to my big picture, abstract way of thinking and living. 

Hap in progress|| Rachel Loewens Fine Art

My latest knitting project, The Lang Ayre hap from the The Book of Haps is proving to be an excellent opportunity for me to slow down and take care of the details; specifically, weaving in all the ends as I go along. The pattern suggests that you select a yarn that is %100 wool and not a superwash yarn in order to splice the yarn at each color change. Splicing involves dampening the ends of the two pieces of yarn you want to join together and then rubbing the two pieces between your hands in order to felt them so weaving in your ends is unnecessary. Of course, I selected my yarn for this project before I read the pattern and chose a yarn that does not felt. 

Yowza yarn || Rachel Loewens Fine Art blog

Even though the end-weaving is forcing me to stop every ten rows or so, I can't say that I regret my yarn choice. I have wanted to knit with this yarn for years now, and it is just as lovely as everyone says! Also, I am feeling like a process knitter instead of a product knitter which is a nice change of pace for me. 

Yarn Bee Astounding
Squidge Cowl/hat || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

I did take a break from my hap knitting for one afternoon to whip up this Squidge cowl for my son. He ended up not liking it so now it is a sort of hat/ wide headband for me to wear. 

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