Favorite Supplies

Anything is good painting material once you get to know it.   David Milne

Here is a collection of some of my favorite tools of the trade. Most I have used for many years and so know that they are worth using over and over again. My favorite places to shop are Dick Blick, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby so I have partnered up with their affiliate programs. That means that if you decide to try out one of my recommendations, I receive a small commission. As you'll see, I care about quality but also am budget-minded. I hope you find these suggestions helpful in your art practice!

acrylic paints- professional

Golden heavy body acrylics

High pigmented, buttery acrylic paints that are a favorite for many artist. These lightfast, permanent colors come in a wide array of colors and opacity.

Golden Open acrylics

Made for plein air painting, I have found these paints to work great in printmaking and other disciplines where a longer dry time is optimal. These paints stay "wet" for far longer than most acrylic paints of this quality.

Golden fluid acrylics

golden fluid acrylics

Golden Fluid Acrylics are this company's most well, fluid, option of their acrylic line. These paints are great for layering and glazing, and come in easy to use squeeze bottles.

golden glazing medium

Glazing medium thins down paint while maintaining its molecular strength. Use this instead of water to ensure the longevity of your pieces. 

Gel Medium

Gel medium is basically paint without any pigment. I use it as "glue" for my collages. It can also be used to alter the consistency of any paint from the tube.

liquitex professional heavy body

acrylic paints- student/budget (still very good)

blick studio acrylics

blick matte acrylics

Liquitex basics acrylic

cyanotype supplies

Nature print paper || Rachel Loewens Studio

nature print paper

Cyanotype chemistry || Rachel Loewens Studios

cyanotype sensitizer set

Yupo and watercolor paper