Nature break


Nature break || thankful for this unexpected cache of insect dwellings that came to light as our siding is being replaced.

Loads of hammering, prep for an upcoming vlog shoot, and the realization that no matter what I do, my kids are going to be triggered when doing school (the long term consequences of last year’s expulsion are REALLY setting in)

Absolutely no kittens


Absolutely no kittens || my husband and I are pretty much of one mind when it comes to what pets we want for our family. Dog, yes. Rabbit, maybe. Kittens, absolutely not!


That is, until it is back to school time, and your children’s ptsd has been triggered, and the only thing you can think of to help them cope involves a kitten. Then it is time for a trip to the Humane Society to add another #furbaby to your family. ⠀⠀

And yes, the kitten (who is still nameless) has been so helpful in soothing little broken hearts already! ❤️

Turtle rescue


Turtle rescue || even though we reside in midtown, we get a fair amount of nature exposure on our block due to living across the street from a little forrest. This week I noticed a turtle hanging out in the middle of the road so we helped to scoot him out of the way of traffic.

“I love it when you…“


“I love it when you... “ || a few years ago, I read something about children who did well in athletics all had parents who said to them, “I love to watch you play (fill in ball sport of your choice).” For some reason, this really stuck with me. ⠀⠀

I love to hear you practice the keyboard .

I love to see you practice bravery.

I love to watch you try again.

What affirmations do you give your kiddos?

Road trip therapy


Road trip therapy || Our neighborhood sounds like a war zone on the 4th + lately I’ve had a lot of run ins with people associated with those whose abuse led to my family’s ptsd. A 24 hour reset was needed! Kearney, NE might not be considered a destination hit spot by many, but it provided the perfect combination of family sightseeing + ice cream + swimming. The kids can’t wait to go back!

New school routine


New school routine || So we’ve finally figured out a new school routine... right before summer break. 😂 Copywork during speech therapy, #morningtime that includes #readaloud and a decent amount of #talktherapy, and my youngest has demanded that he get his own math workbook, too! 😂 😂 😂

Art making on the horizon


Art making on the horizon || Our family has been in survival mode for so many months that I was starting to think I would never get back to art making. But we get better, we heal. This morning I finalized our lesson plans for the remainder of the term and made a promise to myself to prep some substrates with #cyanotype chemicals. The sun might not be out for the next few days, but I plan on being ready when it does!