Refresh your space


Refresh your space || Being stuck at home more often than normal the past few weeks has helped inspire a space refresh in my home, in my studio, and for my IG account. ⠀⠀

Book shelves are being sorted and dusted, paint supplies are being tested (and sometimes tossed), and I chose to block some people from my seeing my posts and stories. ⠀⠀

A week ago I publicly shared my family’s story of a recent traumatic experience, and this was not well received by people who were involved. This led some to start watching my account in ways that made me feel uncomfortable. I love creating content for IG so to have traumatic stress creep in every time I went to post something really started to sour my storytelling process. I figured I could just learn to accept this new reality, or I could set some boundaries. I chose to set boundaries. A handful of accounts have been blocked and things are feeling closer to normal... at least online.

How are you taking care of yourself during this cold spell? When has saying “no” to something brought you more freedom ?