Week of Jubilee

Yesterday marked the three year anniversary of my husband and I walking away from a spiritually abusive community that we had been a part of for over a decade. Since then, we have experienced SO MUCH grace, healing, and love from just so many people. To honor these three years, I thought I would share the three biggest lessons I’ve learned:
1. Tell the truth about your story (and especially those times of trauma). 2. Forgive yourself (you can’t forgive those who hurt you until you give that same grace to yourself for staying in a toxic situation for so long).
3. Shine light (affirm other’s stories out loud and online). We know as we celebrate with good books and baked goods there are so many others caught in abusive cultures. We pray for your safe escape and for joy along your journey back to wholeness. XOXO .

Week of Jubilee || Rachel Loewens Studios