Travel Size Studio


Travel size studio || Over the years I’ve mostly figured out how to make a travel size art kit to take along for family road trips. Sometimes it consists of just a sketchbook and my fountain pen. Sometimes I get a little more elaborate (like this time) but still manage to keep the footprint small.

watercolor paper + pen & ink + ink washes + markers



#deskie || Decided to take a much needed “day off” and suspend home lessons for the week. Working with watercolor and ink is such a change for my art practice. It frees me from feeling the need to “finish the story” of a piece but also reminds me why I prefer to work in acrylic. 😂

Studio scenes


Studio scenes || It is coming. More snow. Another 6+ inches on top of who knows how much we already have. A few years ago this would have filled with me dread and feelings of claustrophobia. Thankfully, #SAD no longer kicks my butt! We heal, we get better. ❤️ ⠀⠀

Two boxes of hot cocoa + one ginormous bad of marshmallows + the knowledge that my husband will be home before things get too bad means I am actually looking forward to what is coming. Wait, let me qualify that. I’m looking forward to it as long as we can still go to Story Time tomorrow. ❄️ 📚 ❄️ Loads of snow + hot cocoa + the streets being clear by 10am tomorrow.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?



#tbt || One of the first nature collages I made features this heart-shaped tangle of weeds. Those were the days when I had only one baby, and I could pick up random things off the ground without fear of my kids following my example (their choices for college material usually grossed me out 😂). Two more have joined our family since then, and they all have brought such love (and chaos) into our days.



Closeup || No time in the studio today as I’m caring for the sweetest little boy who is on his third day of being sick. Instead, I’m diffusing essential oils, monitoring a fever, and sneaking in a nap for myself. Ahhh, self care!

High five to all the other stay at home parent artists out there! 🖐

Sketchbook practice


Sketchbook practice || I’ve tapped out my art supply budget for the month (and I am almost out of “nice” paper) so out comes the sketchbook. 🖊

It has been months since I’ve had a regular practice so I’m having to work out the rusty bits. The freedom to play and try new things has been the perfect therapy for all that my family has been going through. Hope you have a peace filled weekend everyone! ❤️

Refresh your space


Refresh your space || Being stuck at home more often than normal the past few weeks has helped inspire a space refresh in my home, in my studio, and for my IG account. ⠀⠀

Book shelves are being sorted and dusted, paint supplies are being tested (and sometimes tossed), and I chose to block some people from my seeing my posts and stories. ⠀⠀

A week ago I publicly shared my family’s story of a recent traumatic experience, and this was not well received by people who were involved. This led some to start watching my account in ways that made me feel uncomfortable. I love creating content for IG so to have traumatic stress creep in every time I went to post something really started to sour my storytelling process. I figured I could just learn to accept this new reality, or I could set some boundaries. I chose to set boundaries. A handful of accounts have been blocked and things are feeling closer to normal... at least online.

How are you taking care of yourself during this cold spell? When has saying “no” to something brought you more freedom ?

Week of Jubilee

Yesterday marked the three year anniversary of my husband and I walking away from a spiritually abusive community that we had been a part of for over a decade. Since then, we have experienced SO MUCH grace, healing, and love from just so many people. To honor these three years, I thought I would share the three biggest lessons I’ve learned:
1. Tell the truth about your story (and especially those times of trauma). 2. Forgive yourself (you can’t forgive those who hurt you until you give that same grace to yourself for staying in a toxic situation for so long).
3. Shine light (affirm other’s stories out loud and online). We know as we celebrate with good books and baked goods there are so many others caught in abusive cultures. We pray for your safe escape and for joy along your journey back to wholeness. XOXO .

Week of Jubilee || Rachel Loewens Studios