Artist Residency in Motherhood


For the spring/summer of 2017 (and possibly beyond), I am participating in a self-imposed Artist Residency in Motherhood. This program really addresses what I felt like my art practice needed: a sense of purpose for my making, a sense of community with other artists who are mothers, and a sense of authenticity when it comes to the struggles of being a mother-maker. 

Want to join in? Go to the website linked above and fill out the paperwork. That's it! Seriously!

Each participant is asked to write out a manifesto to go along with their practice and I've posted mine below. To find other mothers who are participating, search Twitter and Instagram for #artistresidencyinmotherhood. You will be so inspired!

Residency application || Rachel Loewens

My manifesto

+ To work with my children instead of next to them.
+ To have our communication skills and bond grow along with our drawing skills.
+ To be an example to my children of what it looks like to be a faithful
       Servant to God, using my talents and skills for His glory
       Wife to their father, my most constant friend and hero
       Mother, raising them to love God and love others
+ To live a life that is not hampered by my faith, health impediments, gender or situation but thrives and flourishes because of them.

Trip to the zoo || Omaha, NE || Rachel Loewens