2017 has been the Year of Wellness in the Loewens Family. We made massive strives in our pursuit to be holistically healthy and one of the key factors in this journey has been the inclusion of essential oils and the phasing out of chemical products. 

Young Living Essential Oils || Rachel Loewens

After spending time researching which company would best fit the needs of my family, Young Living Essential Oils stood out from the rest of the pack. Their commitment to quality products and services, most notably their Seed to Seal Commitment, and the ability to earn discounted or free products were some of their top selling points. 


I started out with my Premium Starter Kit with the intention of using my Wholesale Membership as a means to get 24% off my orders with no plans at all to do any selling. Does that sound like you? Then, great! For a limited time, I am offering an additional $20 off the price of Premium Starter Kits. Sign up using my enroller ID (12694963), and I'll send you $20 through PayPal (must purchase Premium Kit within 30 days of enrolling to get this deal). 

Interested in earning extra income or at least enough money to pay yourself back for the price of the starter kit? Tell your friends about how much you love your oils and if just three of them sign up with .a Premium Starter Kit


Collect $50 in bonuses for every distributor sign-up with a Premium Starter Kit! You’ll receive $25 for Young Living’s “Start Living” Bonus and $25 (or more) for Young Living’s “Fast Start Bonus.” The “Fast Start Bonus” is earned by calculating 25% of the new distributor’s PV order. 25% of 100pv is $25.

Congratulations! You’ve just earned your Starter Kit’s price back in commission!

My favorite parts about being a distributor for Young Living. No inventory to manage, no minimum sales requirements. Just sharing your favorite wellness and chemical-free cleaning products with those you care about.

By signing up through me, you also get access to amazing support and information through exclusive Facebook groups which help you learn how to incorporate oils into daily life and inspire you to grown in your business. 


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