Spring showers and happy hour

Spring showers and happy hour || Rachel Loewens Fine Art



My time in the studio this week has been limited but satisfying. I'm making cyanotypes with dead vines and leaves and then printing with acrylic paint on top using the same vines. It has been fun to extend the life of my printing materials!

Spring showers and happy hour || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

This one in particular brings to mind all the spring showers that have filled our Omaha skies this week. The winds were so strong one night that the tornado sirens went off and some people lost power because of falling branches. 

Before this week of rain, we've been spending a lot of time outdoors on our back patio. Someone in our neighborhood was giving away their table for free, and we picked it up on our way to church. We were quite the site pulling up with the back of our minivan door open and the table hanging out the back.

Happy hour || Rachel Loewens

As per our normal routine of taking a Sunday sabbatical, we spent the afternoon reading our library books and sipping on some sour beers (can't remember the name but it was delish!) and boxed wine from Trader Joe's. As much as we've needed the rain this week, I'm ready to feel the sunshine on my face again!

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